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We are a global technology company that designs & builds software and solution for the world’s most successful businesses by cutting (substantial) costs, obtaining real-time data monitoring and reporting, and exceeding customer satisfaction rates through personalized experiences.

We started Datacracy in 2014 to help Costumers, Brands, Enterprises & Startups prepare for a world dominated by future technologies in data-centric societies. Datacracy is now one of the world’s best companies, reaching over 150 million people in 2016 and inspiring a community of explorers and creators through world class products and innovative solutions.

We believe in sustainability and the power of data to change lives, influence people and make things better for us and future generations. Not just for humans but all living things.

Passionate about the work we produce and the people we produce it for, we are excited by the opportunities that arise when creativity and technological innovation are combined.

We deliver the unexpected and challenge the predictable. Sometimes provocative, always thought provoking, our work stands by the results we achieve. We listen attentively to our client’s and user’s needs and craft solutions that marry robust technology with user-centred design.