This woman was so sick of people touching her hair, she made a game about it

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Image: hair nah/screenshot

Lay off her hair.

Portland-based artistic Momo Pixel has created a game known as Hair Nah, in response to girls continually touching her hair.

In the game, you play a black woman who’s on her technique to catch a flight. What’s stopping her from boarding? People incessantly touching her hair.ย 

The objective of the game is fairly easy. Swat as many fingers off as they make their approach in the direction of your head.

Players additionally get to customize their coiffure and pores and skin tone.

Image: hair nah/screenshot

Once you get to the top of the game, you are rewarded with this piece of knowledge:


According to Momo, who tweets as @MomoUhOh, she designed, wrote, artwork directed and sang the music for the game.ย 

Many customers on Twitter had been fast to share their private experiences of people touching their hair.

It’s not unusual to listen to girls of color speak about strangers who contact their pure hair with out their consent.

Momo’s LinkedIn web page lists her as an artwork director at company Wieden+Kennedy. The Whois report for can be registered to her employer.

“A coworker I just met is holding my hair in his hand.”

Seriya Wesley, a publishing producer at Wieden+ Kennedy, who was half of the workforce who produced the game, defined that she had quite a few experiences of people touching her hair with out permission.

“Iโ€™ll be walking, and a woman will reach her hands into my head. Iโ€™m talking to a teammate, and a coworker I just met is holding my hair in his hand,” she stated in an article on On She Goes.

“The moment someone mentions my hair, I grab it to claim ownership.”

Wesley provides that the primary objective of the game is to get people to grasp their actions could possibly be seen as offensive.

“Who Iโ€™m really hoping to get are those women and men who may not really be paying attention to their actions or donโ€™t see them as offensive,” she says. “I hope they see themselves in this game and be like, ‘Oh my God.’ And then from there stop doing it.”

Mashable has reached out to Momo for remark.

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